We appreciate and respect Native-American history. There are many aspects of this blog we can truly relate to. Very thought provoking. The commercial is remembered and this topic is very familiar. Wannabees. Why? Perhaps some are trying to find a way to connect with someone or something in search of belonging to a great nation of people who where here first, for some financial gain, attention and for others – who knows? All we can do is be true to ourselves and love ourselves for who we are whether our ancestry is of Native American, African, Asian, European or is of whomever.
For those who are interested, there are also reputable genealogist who are willing to trace lineage in one’s family.


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The HealthyCross is all about health.  Back to school is right around the corner and immunization records are a necessary part of a child’s school records in many school districts across the nation.  Also, October through March is recognized as peak season for the flu virus and many employers strongly reinforce flu vaccinations for their employees especially in the healthcare fields.

What is your opinion about immunizations and flu vaccinations in this country?  Why do you think some  parents and people opt out?  Share your ideas and thoughts.

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Are you a mother who is busier than ever raising a family single or married, working outside the home, multitasking day in and day out and on many days the list seem endless?   Taking some time off is a blessing to most mothers and having a day of recognition is much appreciated.  More than ever, other mothers have adopted other family members as their own to raise and love those as their own given special circumstances.  These “mothers” also deserve our thanks and honor.  She may be your grandmother, aunt, sister, cousin or someone who adopted a child or “took in” a person as their own such as a god parent.

On Mother’s Day we can honor mom in many ways.  Even though we love and care for our mom everyday, it feels great to be able to give back.  For us we set aside time to show our mother just how much you love her by verbalizing love and care for her and giving her a favorite gift, gathering family, church services, fellowship during her favorite meal, plus “time off” from a routine chore for her may be most appreciated.  Of course there are a host of other ways to show love.

What will be some of the ways you will show mom love this Mother’s Day?


Love, Blessings and Happy Mother’s Day today and forever!

Happy New Year!!

Well, it is that time to begin a new year.  For us it is a time to reflect, renew and recommit love and what is priority to family as well as personal.  It is a time for improvements in certain areas of our lives. Do you know what your it is?  It may be how to effectively communicate to connect with one another, our prayer life, improve nutrition and physical activity, financial goals, our business commitments, responsibilities on a job or renew a career path.  At any rate, our hope is that each person cut off what hasn’t worked and begin to heal and seek what will work.  In recommitting take into account what is really important. Recommitment is to pledge or obligate one’s self to something or someone for future trust or charge.  In reflection of the past, realize it is the past.  None of us can get back the minute or second that just past.  It is time to begin a new chapter.  To learn from the past readjusts your future whether good or not so good.  So, renew, reflect and recommit carefully.  As for marriage and family, prioritize to communicate love one to another more effectively by finding that individuals love language.  After each person examines their life, make it count by giving and receiving better.   And even when it seems life isn’t going so good – because life happens, keep moving.  Keep moving through the aches and pains whether it is emotionally, physically or spiritually.  Keep pushing forward by faith.  Never give up because this can be the year for new and better relationships, friendships, marriage, graduation, promotions, travel and/or a time to serve giving something to someone less fortunate for instance.  In waiting, expect to receive the better…remember to just get up and keeping moving forward.

May you be empowered 2014


The Greatest GiftHave you ever wondered why Christmas is celebrated in the first place?  Have you ever read about the Christmas story and understood it?

During this holiday season in particular, seek to understand Christmas.  Ask why and the what about Christmas.  So, as you shop for gifts think about the three wise kings.  As you prepare food, place the star on top of the tree, and so forth ask why.

Christmas is the greatest gift of them all.  Over 2000 years ago in a town of Bethlehem a miraculous gift came for all of us to receive.  Jesus Christ was born. Read the rest of this entry »

Thanksgiving is a holiday set aside to give thanks and celebrate blessings and express gratitude for the harvest now and the harvest to come by faith. Thanksgiving is usually celebrated with family and special friends who gather together for prayer, fellowship and a traditional festive meal.

What are you thankful for? Some may find it difficult to give thanks in times today, but there is always something or someone to give thanks for.  Have you thought about waking up and being among the living even though things may not be as good as you like?  What about a roof over your head though it may not be your dream home?  What about clothes and food?  What about loved ones and memories?  Aren’t you thankful for the prayer, hopes and dreams of so many possibilities that can come your way?  These are some things to provoke one to think and remain prayerful and hopeful expecting Our Creator to move on your behalf.  You may come to find some peace in finding what and why we should be thankful.  Seasons change nothing last forever.  We all are moving and in constant change hopefully for the better.

One other thing to be mindful of is to give out of your heart to the suffering.  There are blessings for giving to those in need, suffering or who have fallen on hard times.  Let us be mindful these days that behind the faces and facades people may indeed be suffering of some recent misfortune.  Some may be in need of food.  Some ideas of giving may include preparing dinners to serve others, invitation to thanksgiving dinner, support, comfort and encouragement, prayer, share a laugh/smile, and depending on age, children/youth have special needs of ministry.   Remember, ministry goes beyond the walls of home and church services.  We are to be extensions of the word and work of Our Creator with a pure heart expecting nothing in return.

Just a thought to inspire hope with gratitude.

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Life Isn’t Fair!

By Jeffrey Draper

After listening to a broadcast ‘Make Me Wanna Holla’ on one of Kansas City’s strongest a.m. radio stations, it became clear that an older generation clings to dealing with today’s life issues as it was in the 1950’s – 1960’s.

The topic was about the importance of reducing and alleviating stress. Stress caused by a lack of resources, especially financial resources.  Ironically, the talk show discussion was heavily peppered with fear, doubt, and uncertainty.  The majority prevailing attitudes were pessimistic in nature as most of the callers spoke about the ills and injustices of society. The unfairness, the inequalities in the communities where a predominantly economically disadvantage segment lives took center stage as the conversation piece.  The proposed solutions were to stage a protest against a particular grocery store chain to send a message that we mean business until fresh fruits, vegetables our sold in the urban core.

My encouragement is for the new generation, millenniums, to look for solutions to resolve public challenges and problems although certain situations may remain unfair and unequal.  With the benefit of hindsight, you can conclude that it’s similar for numerous other races, ethnicities, cultures, and communities in any given city.  No community is immune from unfairness.   Some communities think they have a monopoly on treatment, good or bad, but in reality they don’t.  The hope has not gone.

The notable differences I discern or distinguish in those communities don’t look outward for help or assistance.  Impoverished African-Americans should take note and look inward.  God has put everything we need to succeed in life, regardless of where we reside, inside of each and every one of us.  The Good Book says in You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed”.Psalm 139:16

Every moment was laid out, so now take a moment, take that moment now and do the following:

  • Identify your skills
  • Take inventory of your talents
  • Consider how your gifts can help someone else, can help the community
  • Now, consider and ask who will pay you for what you can do for them

In the face of bodily harm and the reality of death, our predecessors marched and protested because it was effective at that time in history.  Sam Cooke said it, Barack Obama won two presidential campaigns on it – Change!  Times have changed, the world has changed, and the community is global now.   I urge you to resist expending energy murmuring and complaining and refocus that energy on creating a solution which adds VALUE to another, yourself, and the community.

Whilst we must and should learn from our elders, we must never forget.  But that doesn’t mean we must relive the past.

Isaiah 43:18Forget the former things;

do not dwell on the past.

19 See, I am doing a new thing!

Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?

I am making a way in the wilderness

and streams in the wasteland.

Don’t allow other depressing thoughts; experiences; cause you to neglect your blessings.  A way for you is being made despite how barren the land seems. Get your change (get your dollars too) and don’t let others dictate away with  ill-advised discouraging words the opportunities that await you.  That which you were born for and created to do! –JD

Kansas City Povery Map

Because of their high rates of crime, areas of concentrated poverty gain a reputation of being “bad” parts of town that many people avoid. Since these areas are inhabited primarily by poor blacks, this creates a kind of “guilt by association” that hurts the region’s social cohesion.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2000 Census

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