We appreciate and respect Native-American history. There are many aspects of this blog we can truly relate to. Very thought provoking. The commercial is remembered and this topic is very familiar. Wannabees. Why? Perhaps some are trying to find a way to connect with someone or something in search of belonging to a great nation of people who where here first, for some financial gain, attention and for others – who knows? All we can do is be true to ourselves and love ourselves for who we are whether our ancestry is of Native American, African, Asian, European or is of whomever.
For those who are interested, there are also reputable genealogist who are willing to trace lineage in one’s family.


Russell Cobb | This Land Press | August 2014 | 16 minutes (3,976 words)

This Land PressFor this week’s Longreads Member Pick, we are thrilled to share a brand new essay from Oklahoma’s This Land Press, just published in their August 2014 issue. This Land has been featured on Longreads often in the past—you can support them here.
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