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Are you a mother who is busier than ever raising a family single or married, working outside the home, multitasking day in and day out and on many days the list seem endless?   Taking some time off is a blessing to most mothers and having a day of recognition is much appreciated.  More than ever, other mothers have adopted other family members as their own to raise and love those as their own given special circumstances.  These “mothers” also deserve our thanks and honor.  She may be your grandmother, aunt, sister, cousin or someone who adopted a child or “took in” a person as their own such as a god parent.

On Mother’s Day we can honor mom in many ways.  Even though we love and care for our mom everyday, it feels great to be able to give back.  For us we set aside time to show our mother just how much you love her by verbalizing love and care for her and giving her a favorite gift, gathering family, church services, fellowship during her favorite meal, plus “time off” from a routine chore for her may be most appreciated.  Of course there are a host of other ways to show love.

What will be some of the ways you will show mom love this Mother’s Day?


Love, Blessings and Happy Mother’s Day today and forever!