Happy New Year!!

Well, it is that time to begin a new year.  For us it is a time to reflect, renew and recommit love and what is priority to family as well as personal.  It is a time for improvements in certain areas of our lives. Do you know what your it is?  It may be how to effectively communicate to connect with one another, our prayer life, improve nutrition and physical activity, financial goals, our business commitments, responsibilities on a job or renew a career path.  At any rate, our hope is that each person cut off what hasn’t worked and begin to heal and seek what will work.  In recommitting take into account what is really important. Recommitment is to pledge or obligate one’s self to something or someone for future trust or charge.  In reflection of the past, realize it is the past.  None of us can get back the minute or second that just past.  It is time to begin a new chapter.  To learn from the past readjusts your future whether good or not so good.  So, renew, reflect and recommit carefully.  As for marriage and family, prioritize to communicate love one to another more effectively by finding that individuals love language.  After each person examines their life, make it count by giving and receiving better.   And even when it seems life isn’t going so good – because life happens, keep moving.  Keep moving through the aches and pains whether it is emotionally, physically or spiritually.  Keep pushing forward by faith.  Never give up because this can be the year for new and better relationships, friendships, marriage, graduation, promotions, travel and/or a time to serve giving something to someone less fortunate for instance.  In waiting, expect to receive the better…remember to just get up and keeping moving forward.

May you be empowered 2014