Thanksgiving is a holiday set aside to give thanks and celebrate blessings and express gratitude for the harvest now and the harvest to come by faith. Thanksgiving is usually celebrated with family and special friends who gather together for prayer, fellowship and a traditional festive meal.

What are you thankful for? Some may find it difficult to give thanks in times today, but there is always something or someone to give thanks for.  Have you thought about waking up and being among the living even though things may not be as good as you like?  What about a roof over your head though it may not be your dream home?  What about clothes and food?  What about loved ones and memories?  Aren’t you thankful for the prayer, hopes and dreams of so many possibilities that can come your way?  These are some things to provoke one to think and remain prayerful and hopeful expecting Our Creator to move on your behalf.  You may come to find some peace in finding what and why we should be thankful.  Seasons change nothing last forever.  We all are moving and in constant change hopefully for the better.

One other thing to be mindful of is to give out of your heart to the suffering.  There are blessings for giving to those in need, suffering or who have fallen on hard times.  Let us be mindful these days that behind the faces and facades people may indeed be suffering of some recent misfortune.  Some may be in need of food.  Some ideas of giving may include preparing dinners to serve others, invitation to thanksgiving dinner, support, comfort and encouragement, prayer, share a laugh/smile, and depending on age, children/youth have special needs of ministry.   Remember, ministry goes beyond the walls of home and church services.  We are to be extensions of the word and work of Our Creator with a pure heart expecting nothing in return.

Just a thought to inspire hope with gratitude.

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